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About Petey



It was a blistering summer day in June of 2002 right before 4th of July. I was driving down the road and I saw a kitten laying in the road. I drove by him slow and thought poor thing; it’s dead. I drove a little further down the road and looked in my side view mirror and what did I see but the kitten’s tail raise in the air and slap down on the ground like it was really mad! I put the car in reverse and scooped him up. He was so hot and his face was covered in blood and his leg was hanging off. He fit in my hand and I held him in front of the air vent to cool him off. I turned around and drove him right up to the vet (I had been there that morning with my lab). Well, peg leg Pete came home from the hospital 3 days later ($$$), sans one leg. He ran around the house like nothing at all was wrong with him. What a brave little boy and to this day such a joy to have around the house.