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About Jake

Jake is a cairn terrier. Looks just like Toto and is a terrier in every sense of the word. Can you say independent? Jake belonged to a lady who was suffering with a brain tumor. She asked if I would come groom him and I did. I really liked Jake and asked her if I could use him for my terrier certification. Well not too long after I started grooming him the poor lady passed away. The family asked if I would like to adopt him and well, how could I refuse? Jake is the sweetest little dog who loves to throw his toys way up in the air! Look at the difference in his coat to what used to be clippered to now being hand stripped. Although I did not use Jake for certification, he lets me keep his coat in proper terrier hand stripped condition.

Jake-before-StrippingJake Before Hand Stripping
Jake-after-frameJake After Hand Stripping