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About Luca

Luca full picture

CH Greenwyn Ascot Luminary “Luca”

I adopted Luca from Victoria Law at back in 2008. I am sad to say that Victoria lost her battle with cancer on Feb 26, 2015.  She was a really nice lady who loved to share her stories about Luca and how I should care for him.  Victoria will always be Luca’s mom; I am Luca’s adopted mom.  Luca is a champion and has many offspring.  By the way, one of his sons is on my Beautiful Changes page, the brown standard poodle Louka! But I came to know Victoria because I was looking for a poodle to learn how to groom and someone gave me Victoria’s name.  I got in touch with Victoria and we agreed to meet.  She tried to give me a female but I really wanted a male; she had a real hard time parting with Luca.  In fact, I do believe she had a hard time parting with each and every one of her poodles. But when we met and she saw how Luca and I took to each other she became more comfortable with letting him go.  She also didn’t think he would get along with my other dogs.  But all of my dogs love each other dearly and Luca fit right in.  I have to say Luca is a better hunter than my labs!  Never having poodles until I became a groomer I am amazed at how SMART they are and Luca especially so.  What a beauty he is and I love him dearly.  Rest in peace Victoria; I’m taking real good care of your boy.